PARENTS/GUARDIANS: Millard School District is proud to offer your children a variety of nutritious and appealing meals. Our cafeterias offer delicious foods that are high in nutrient value and meet the U.S. Dietary Guidelines for optimum childhood growth and development. We encourage your children to participate in our program as part of their total educational experience. Check out the Child Nutrition Program Webpage for more information. Go to Departments, Food and Nutrition. The site is loaded with current school menus, nutrition information, and fitness tips for students.

BREAKFAST: School breakfast is offered in all schools. Breakfast can be purchased for:

           Daily $1.75 Monthly $35.00 Yearly $315.00 Staff Adult $2.00


LUNCH: School lunch is offered to students in all Delta and Fillmore schools at the following cost:

Elementary Schools    
Daily $2.25
Monthly $45.00
Yearly $405.00
Middle Schools Daily $2.50
Monthly $50.00
Yearly $450.00
High Schools Daily $2.75
Monthly $55.00
Yearly $495.00
Staff Adults   $3.50


Payments can be made at the schools or online at Click on “Instant Payments”.

Parents are encouraged to send nine equal monthly payments, due on the first school day of each month, to keep their student’s food service accounts with a positive balance. One payment is due before school begins and an additional payment is due September 1st. If the remaining seven payments are made, a payment in May will not be necessary. When account balances become past due, we will ask the parents to send sack lunches from home until their children's accounts are paid.

Money remaining in student accounts at the end of the year will be carried over to the beginning of the next school year. Refunds for amounts greater than $5.00 will be given to students who are not planning to attend Millard School District's schools during the next school year.

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