State Superintendent of the Year

David Styler, Superintendent of the Millard School District has been named the Utah State Superintendent of the Year for the 2017-18 School Year.  The Superintendent Stylerselection was made by Utah’s 41 school superintendents, and he was recognized as such in the September meeting of the Utah School Superintendent’s Association meetings in Salt Lake.  The high honor also means Superintendent Styler will be considered for the National School Superintendent of the Year award, which will be announced in February at the American Association of School Superintendents Convention in Nashville, Tennessee.

Superintendent Styler has served in the role of superintendent since 2010, and is in his 8th year leading the district.  A product of Millard County Schools, his 33-year professional career has been spent entirely in Millard County.  After beginning his education career as a teacher of American History at Delta Middle School, his career transitioned when he was asked to serve as an assistant principal, first at Delta Middle, and later at Delta High School.  He was then named principal at Delta Middle School where he served for ten years.  From that position he was moved to the role of superintendent, where he has treasured the opportunity to serve all of the Millard County education community. 

In a time of increasing teacher shortages and staffing challenges, he has worked to elevate the teaching profession.  He has implemented new teacher incentives to attract and retain the finest teachers to Millard County, and has worked to boost pay for new teachers to get them to a level that helps them meet the demands of supporting families.  During his tenure the district has instigated late career salary steps, 30-year appreciation awards, and a retirement stipend to show appreciation to life-long educators who have contributed to the success of students.  He has worked with his Board to facilitate extensive paid professional development time in his district, with all teachers receiving at least 5 days of time.  Much of this time has been used to prepare teachers for the district’s personalized learning initiative, which promotes learning anywhere and anytime, with new and innovative technologies and instruction strategies to enhance student achievement.  The personalized learning initiative will be critical to the future success of our young people as they prepare to live and compete in our digital world.

As superintendent, he has prioritized efforts to be in classrooms and has spent at least one class period in each of the district’s 165 classrooms each year.  He loves to see the wonderful things taking place in the lives of young people, and loves to support all Millard School District students in all their activities and performances.  Being in the schools is the highlight of his job.

Superintendent Styler currently serves as the President of the Utah State Superintendent’s Association and loves his opportunity to rub shoulders with and learn from the incredible superintendents that serve in the State. He represents the superintendents on the Governor’s Educational Excellence Commission, where he meets with the governor and other education leaders frequently to discuss education issues in the state.  He also serves as the co-chair of the Joint Legislative Committee, made up of all schoolboard members, superintendents, and business administrators from around the State, which determines the legislative and budgetary priorities of those organizations.  He is also a member of the Rules Committee of the USSA which meets frequently with the State Superintendency to review State Board Rules and give input into their content.       

Superintendent Styler is married to the former Danielle Henrie, also a product of the Millard School District, and they are the parents of five children, Savannah, Russell, Zachary, Kelli, and Madelyn, who have thrived in Millard County Schools.       

Teacher of the Year

Ruth Ann Weight

Miss Ruth Ann Weight selected as Millard School District’s Teacher of the Year for 2017-2018

Miss Ruth Ann Weight was honored at the Board of Education meeting held on Thursday, September 14, 2017 for her selection as Millard School District’s Teacher of the Year for the 2017-2018 school year.

Ruth Ann grew up in Springville, Utah where she attended public schools and loved her education experience. She graduated from Springville High School with honors. She attended Brigham Young University for her formal education earning a Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education.

She was the third child in her family with two older brothers, and two younger brothers. She had wonderful parents Kae and Janice Weight who were great examples to her.

When Ruth Ann was a young girl her youngest brother became very ill. This was a life changing event that taught her many lessons which to this day she will never forget. This experience inspired her to become an elementary teacher.

Upon graduating from BYU, Ruth Ann accepted a teaching position with Millard School District at Fillmore Elementary School. Her first position was in the second grade. She loved the small community, and she loved teaching the tofychildren. She has taught second grade for nine years and first grade for 27 years. Teaching has been her life, and she strives to help each of her students feel good about themselves and what they can accomplish.

She built a home in the quiet of the mountains where she loves to garden, read and study, and enjoy nature. She has many interests and hobbies, but the things that have brought her the most joy are teaching, spending time with family and friends, and spending time in church service.

Miss Weight was presented with a plaque from the Millard School District Board of Education with thanks and appreciation for the wonderful things she does in working with students, parents, staff, and faculty. She’s an amazing person! Congratulations Miss Weight!

Robert "Ag" Nielson

agNielsonRobert "Ag" Nielson, 92, was the state's first teacher of the year 40 years ago. He's still working in the classroom after 63 years, he said, because "I didn't find a stopping place."

His career includes posts at Millard High School, in adult education and at the Millard County Jail.

"I don't know of anything I'd really change," Nielson said, adding that former students from 30 and 40 years ago continue to thank him.


 KSL Interview by Nadine Wimer

Tribute to Robert A. (Ag.) Nielson at the 2018 Utah Teacher of the Year Ceremony on September 8, 2017 by Millard School District Superintendent David Styler…Tribute to Robert A. (Ag.) Nielson at the 2018 Utah Teacher of the Year Ceremony on September 8, 2017 by Millard School District Superintendent David Styler…


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During the 2014 General session of the Utah State Legislature, lawmakers approved a bill mandating that school districts provide training and instruction on child sexual abuse prevention and awareness to school personnel in elementary and secondary schools and to parents or guardians of elementary school students.

Prevent Child Abuse Utah (PCAU) has been approved by the Utah State Board of Education to provide this training to parents and adults working with our youth. All employees must complete the training. You can access this free training by:

  • Go to
  • Complete Registration. Parents must select I am a Parent of a Student. School Personnel must select School Personnel.
  • Click the Registration Button
  • Click Launch Course
  • Complete the one-hour training
  • There will be a Certificate of Completion issued at the end of the course. Print out the certificate and submit it to your supervisor/administrator by May 19, 2017.