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The laws of the state of Utah require students between the ages of six and eighteen to be in attendance at school, unless they have graduated from high school. We realize there are justifiable reasons for absence, such as illness or a death in the family; however, there are no "excused" absences. All absences incurred during the course of the year count toward the total, however, please call the office if your child will not be in schools that documentation can be made.

Students who are ill for extended periods of time (due to hospitalization, recurring illness, etc.) may qualify for the district’s homebound program. School officials, after consultation with parents and medical professionals, will determine eligibility for homebound instruction.

To receive full credit at any grade level, students must attend a minimum of 160 days throughout the school year. Students who miss 21 or more days of school during the regular 180 day school year will be required to make up the classroom time they have missed in a summer school setting. Parents will be required to pay tuition for make – up summer school sessions. Students will not be advanced to the next grade until unearned credit is made up and summer school tuition paid.

Parents will be notified of excessive student absenteeism in a letter from the principal at the time of SEP conferences and at mid – year. Attendance policies will be reviewed with parents at those times