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A large percentage of Delta Elementary students are bused to and from school daily. Buses are often filled to capacity. If your student is having a friend or friends to play after school, or if they are inviting schoolmates to a birthday party, you must provide transportation for these guests. Bus drivers will not allow unassigned students on their buses. Students may not ride buses for any non school activity.

Bus students are not allowed to get off the bus at any bus stop other than their own without written permission to do so. Bus students should walk to Delta Middle School or Delta High School if they have after-school activities scheduled at those sites. DES students are not allowed to transfer to another bus at these schools.

It is important to remember that when severe weather conditions exist, buses may run earlier or later on routine morning and afternoon routes. Please contact the bus garage at 864-5697 if buses seem unusually late (more than fifteen minutes).

Busing is provided for students living more than 1.5 miles from an elementary school in the state of Utah.