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For safety reasons, we require parents to sign their students out at the office if they are leaving school early. Please do not go directly to the classroom to pick up students. It is very disruptive to the class. Students are never sent home during school hours without first contacting the home.

If it becomes necessary to have your student dismissed during regular school hours, the office and teacher require a note stating the time and reason for dismissal.

Students should not leave the school campus without permission once they have arrived at school, Delta Elementary students should, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE, frequent local business establishment (7-11, Delta Drug, etc.) between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and the time school dismisses, unless they are accompanied by a parent/guardian or older sibling. If violation of this policy is suspected by store managers, Principal Noah will be contacted. If this policy has been violated, contact will be made with the parents of the offender(s). Appropriate consequences will be negotiated between the home and school to assure future compliance with this policy.