Delta High School

2011-12 Land Trust Proposal

Prepared by the Delta High School Community Council

Mr. Howard Quackenbush, Council Chair

Mr. Shane Rowley, Vice-Chair

Mrs. Stephannie Bliss

Mrs. LeAnn Church

Mr. Doug Hare

Mr. Russ Henrie

Mr. Chad Warnick

Mrs. Kelli Albers

Mr. Dean Fowles, Principal

Review of Land Trust Purchases 2010-11

The Land Trust proposal from Delta High School tried to address the needs outlined in the school improvement plan. We tried to make purchases that would benefit the individual students at Delta High School. At the end of the school year, we will pay each teacher $200 for their out-of-school time used for collaboration among and across departments. This again has proved to be very valuable. Our teachers have shared ideas and strategies that have helped one another in their teaching efforts. It was recommended by the Northwest Accreditation Team to continue to collaborate as this practice tends to develop a sense of community at the school.

Expenditure = $7,000.

An LCD projector was purchased for Mr. Draper. He has had one and the constant use has just plain worn out the one he has had.

Expenditure = $920

The Math Department purchased a Smart Board as the rest of our math classrooms have. It has shown to be beneficial to our students and is being used regularly.

Expenditure = $950

The Science Department purchased a set of personal response “clickers” to enhance student feedback and help the teacher with academic assessment. This immediate feedback helps teachers to evaluate the pace and selection of the curriculum.

Expenditure = $7,050

Previously, we have sent five teachers to a Rick DeFour sponsored conference dealing with Professional Learning Communities. The experience and information were both deemed valuable and the information was shared with the rest of the faculty as we are trying to build a sense of community through collaboration. A group of teachers will be going to this conference again this year but not until the first part of June. We expect the cost of this endeavor to be close to the estimation of $15,000. We will send more or less teachers for professional development depending on the available funds as the total funds allocated were less than anticipated.

The remaining funds were used to put sound systems in as many classrooms as possible. As I evaluate, I have witnessed the fact that the sound systems have been very important and beneficial for both students and teachers. More sound systems were installed in our school than we have funds for so we will use all of the Land Trust funds that we have available to pay for as many as we can afford.



Carry over--$0.00

2011-12 Land Trust Funds Proposal

1- Teacher Collaboration

Collaboration is essential if schools want to move towards establishing traits of Professional Learning Communities. Our students have benefited from the collaboration our teachers have participated in. Teachers and all professional staff use out-of-school time to come up with departmental and school wide goals, common assessments, common instructional practices, and discuss ways to improve the education of individual students. $300 would be set aside for each professional staff member to accommodate for this collaboration. We hope to address each of our academic goals as work towards the PLC model. The data we look at will help us to identify the academic strengths and weaknesses of our students and tell us where we need to go from where we are. We plan to use previous core test results and compare them with future standardized test results to identify progress.

Estimated Expense = $9,000

2- Professional Development on Learning Communities

Some money would be used to send a group of teachers to a professional development conference and have Rick DeFour enhance their knowledge about Professional Learning Communities. Professional Learning Communities have been proven to enhance student achievement and provide an atmosphere of collaboration and collegiality in the school.

Our teachers who have been to this conference have been excited and motivated to share their knowledge with the rest of the staff. They are also excited to incorporate what they have learned departmentally as well as school wide. We have some of the best teachers in the state and need to use their knowledge to share with each other. We would like to see all staff attend this training at some point. The fact that collaboration between and among departments is taking place demonstrates that our goal is being reached.

Estimated Expense = $10,000

3- Science Department Software and Learning Kits

The Science Department would like to purchase some Smart Board software and some hands-on learning kits. We feel that it is important to have effective software to go with the interactive smart boards we have in the classroom. The use of smart boards has greatly increased student interest and learning. We are anticipating that the increase in interest and understanding will equate into improved test scores.

The learning kits would be very valuable for students who may need extra help and a hands-on experience. The kits would also be used for tier 2 instruction as they can be used beyond the normal instructional day. More and more students seem to need hands-on instruction so they can more readily visualize the concepts being taught. The entire science department will share the software and learning kits. This will help improve science test scores and helps us maintain a culture of enriching our existing programs.

Estimated Expense = $4,000

4- LCD Projector for the Computer Lab

The faculty is requesting that an LCD projector to be put in the computer lab so they have the capability to present power point lessons as well as other computer enhanced technological presentations. This would allow more students the opportunity to interact and react while they are sitting at their own computer. This would eliminate having to go back to the classroom for the formal presentation and then return to the lab for independent work.

It may be hard to show the amount of academic improvement but obvious thinking would realize that the more the projector is used, the more academic progress would take place. This purchase will help enrich all existing programs and will enhance the learning of all students regardless of their individual learning style.

Estimated Expense = $1000

5- Toner for the Office Printers

The color printers in the office are in need of ink cartridges. The printers are used for so many school functions in which the entire school, staff, and students benefit. Academic improvement can only be enhanced with written information, printed materials, and the ability to reproduce them for all to use. Students use the office printers to make academic projects for science, Special Ed., and other curricular areas.

Material printed from the office printers provide students with additional instruction and resources which will help increase reading and writing skills throughout the school. We feel that this purchase helps enrich all departments in the school. A school wide purchase that will benefit all departments academically.

Estimated Expense = $2000

6- FACS Classroom Sound System

Our FACS classroom is in need of an enhanced sound system as many of our other

classrooms have. In order for students to learn, they need to be able to hear and

understand. This system will benefit all students as the teacher can be heard as she walks around providing instruction. This purchase will increase communication, which will in turn increase reading and writing skills.

Estimated Expense = $2000

7- Library Laminator

The Council approved a full size laminator to be purchased for use in the library. Teachers and the library would use the laminator for academic posters and projects. Teachers would use the laminator to enhance student learning in all subjects. Special Education teachers need the laminator for making PECS cards (Picture Exchange Communication System). Our ESL class is provided extra resources to benefit the students from that class. At the present, the library has a small one which does not meet the majority of academic needs. This purchase will enrich many of our programs. The permanent nature of the printed material will help increase the reading and writing skills of those using the material.

Estimated Expense = $1500

8- Auto Tech Calculators

The Auto Tech class has requested some calculators. They spend a great deal of time doing math equations in electronic formulas and automotive tolerances. We encourage all teachers to find ways to use math concepts in their classes so we can increase core math skills. This purchase would benefit the Auto Tech class as well as help with math concepts throughout the entire school. This is one of our main goals and the increased usage of the calculators will help us achieve that goal.

Estimated Expense = $600


Estimated Revenue = $30,000

Estimated Expenditures = $$30,000