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As has been mentioned in the past, the success of the school is built on the success of the students. We appreciate the fantastic efforts given by the students on end of year assessments. Preliminary information we have received would indicate that Fillmore Middle School did very, very well again on all measures, especially the growth component. Nearly all students showed growth over previous years. That shows that teachers and students took advantage of their opportunities.

                I am very pleased with the students and the teachers for the efforts put forth. I am eager to get to know more tremendous students. The goal for the school would be to continue to provide a quality educational experience for all students.

                Please review the Safe Schools, Dress Code, and Attendance Policies on line. You can also get copies of these from the school. All district policies are available on line or upon request. We would prefer that these things not get in the way of your opportunity to learn and participate. Know that excessive tardiness and absences can result in fines and make-up time after school. Also, failing grades which are not made up during the regular school year will need to be made up in summer school.


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