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2013-2014 FINAL PLAN


2013-2014 Final Report



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Financial Proposal and Report - This report is automatically generated from the School Plan entered in the spring of 2013 and from the District Business Administrator's data entry of the School LAND Trust expenditures in 2013-2014.


Available Funds

Planned Expenditures
(entered by the school)

Actual Expenditures
(entered by the District
Business Administrator)

Carry-Over from 2012 - 2013



Distribution for 2013 - 2014



Total Available for Expenditure in 2013 - 2014



Salaries and Employee Benefits (100 and 200)



Professional and Technical Services (300)



Repairs and Maintenance (400)



Other Purchased Services (Admission and Printing) (500)



Travel (580)



General Supplies (610)



Textbooks (641)



Library Books (644)



Periodicals, AV Materials (650-660)



Software (670)



Equipment (Computer Hardware, Instruments, Furniture) (730)



Total Expenditures



Remaining Funds (Carry-Over to 2014 - 2015)




ITEM A - Report on Goals


Goal #1


We will continue to focus on Math and raising our Math scores.                                                                                                                                               


Identified academic area(s).




This was the action plan.


We plan to offer Math classes every day instead of every other day to those struggling in Math. We will hire aides to work along side the teachers to give more attention to the students. We plan to use the results from the fall testing to help in areas where needed and then use the winter results to help improve for the spring testing.                                                                            


Please explain how the action plan was implemented to reach this goal.


The action plan we did offer the math class every day. We hired an aide to work in the Math department. With the change to the Sage testing model and the lack of the fall and winter test data we were unable to use this as a guide. We did however stress that in class testing and computer generated testing be adapted to give us some kind of data. 


This is the measurement identified in the plan to determine if the goal was reached.


We will use the results from the NWEA and Maps Testing.                                                                                                                  


Please show the before and after measurements and how academic performance was improved.


How to enter a chart


We did not have NWEA and MAPS it was deleted in favor of SAGE. So therefore we had no data.


The amounts, categories and descriptions of expenditures planned to implement this goal are listed here:
















Salaries and Employee Benefits (100 and 200)




We will hire math specific
aides to provide additional help in
classrooms so all students will get
maximum hands on help from teachers and


We will hire 1 - 5.5 hr
aide $12,000 and 1-3 hr. Aide (or 2-4 hr
aides) $5,500


Please describe the expenditures made to implement this goal as identified in the Financial Proposal and Report displayed above. Please list the amount, category and description for each expenditure category.


We hired one aide for 5.75 hrs unable to find a qualified individual. 


ITEM B - In the Financial Proposal and Report, there is a carry-over of $26390 to the 2014-2015 school year. This is 101% of the distribution received in 2013-2014. Please describe the reason for a carry-over of more than 10% of the distribution.


We noticed the excess last year and we changed our plan to include another mobile unit for $15,000 + that was not purchased until this summer. So that carry over should not have been that high.


ITEM C - The school plan describes how additional funds exceeding the estimated distribution would be spent. This is the description.


Any additional money will be used to purchase kindles for the English Department, covers for the kindles, software for the kindles, or a second set of kindles.




The distribution was about 14% more that the estimate in the school plan. Please explain how the additional money was spent, if it was spent for items other than expenditures described in the approved goals above. If all expenditures were spent for items in the goals, please enter "Not applicable."


We have not yet purchased the kindles. 


ITEM D - The school plan was advertised to the community in the following way(s):


•  School website


ITEM E - Please select from the pull down menus the names of policymakers the council has communicated with about the School LAND Trust Program. To choose more than one name on a list, use CTRL while selecting. To unhighlight a selected name, choose another name or use CTRL and select it.


State Leaders 

State Senators 

State Representatives 

State School Board 


U.S. Senators 

U.S. Representatives 

District School Board 
Ronald Draper 
Adam Britt 
Carol Kimball 
Daniel Anderson 
Beverly P. DeWyze 


ITEM G - A summary of this Final Report must be provided to parents and posted on the school website by October 20th of the 2014. When was this task completed?


Not required for Charter Schools.




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